NOTE:  Before you install, please refer to the other articles in the Getting Started section of the Knowledge Base.

In order to operate the ISG USB3 camera, (2) software programs must be downloaded and installed. Once the GUI software, driver installation, and GenICam installation are complete, the ISG GUI can be used to demonstrate functionality of the camera.

NOTE: Before plugging the camera in, please refer to the article "Powering the Camera".


  • ISG LightWise Allegro USB3 GUI Software  (64-bit or 32-bit depending on host pc)
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  • GenICam Software (64-bit or 32-bit depending on host pc)
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After the software has been downloaded and extracted from the zip folder, there are (3) steps that need to be completed to install the required software.

STEP 1. Install the ISG LightWise Allegro USB3 GUI Software  

(NOTE: For a 32-bit installation you will download the “” file.)

Run the setup application 

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STEP 2. Complete the Lightwise_Allegro_U3V_Driver Installation

(NOTE: By default this file is installed in the following location  < C:\ISG\Usb3GUI_Install\Lightwise_Allegro_U3V_Driver >)

Run the Driverinstall application 


STEP 3. Complete the GenICam Software Installation

(NOTE: You will need to find where the GenICam file was downloaded to .)

Run the GeniCam application 

After the software installation is complete, the camera can be plugged in. The device manager should now show the camera’s association to the WinUSB driver; however this may take a few minutes when the camera is connected for the first time.