Taped lid sensors have glass that is removable by peeling off the Kapton tape that attaches the glass to the sensor. Once this glass is removed the substrate and wire bonds are exposed and can be damaged very easily. In addition to the general image sensor handling precautions outlined in the application note Handling image sensors -- CMOSIS CMV-AN03-v03ISG recommends the following precautions for taped lid sensors : 

Special precautions for taped lid sensors : 

  • Always handle open sensors in a clean room environment
  • Do not attempt to clean the sensor with compressed air/N2. 
  • Only local cleaning (with cotton tip and IPA), with special care taken to avoid touching the bonding wires
  • Do no allow anything to fall onto the substrate of wire bonds.
  • Temporary protection (like a temporary glass lid) should be used to protect the open image sensor 

NOTE: Extreme caution must be taken when working with taped lid sensors to prevent damaging the sensor substrate and wire bonds. The images below show an example of a taped lid sensor that has been damaged by improper handling.

(See images below for examples of  Good vs. Damaged wire bonds.)