Applications that can be used to interact with the Allegro USB3 cameras include:

  1. ISG GUI program 
  2. ISG API Examples to create custom applications
  3. Third-party GenICam compliant applications
  4. Third-party USB3 Vision compliant applications

Using the ISG GUI:

The ISG GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a streaming image viewer included with the ISG camera that can be used to test many of the capabilities of your compatible ISG camera. Through the ISG GUI, the user can monitor or control features of the camera.  Since the ISGApi library is built upon the GenICam reference library, control of the camera via the ISG GUI is meant to be intuitive based on the information provided in the GeniCam Standard Features Naming Convention document (GenICam_SFNC_2_1.pdf  or 

The GUI allows you to:

  • view a live video stream from the camera 
  • save images
  • adjust the various camera control features (exposure time, gain, image format,...etc)
  • access camera registers directly.

Custom Applications using the ISG API Examples:

The ISG API (Application Programming Interface) allows customers to create custom applications to control ISG Imaging Products. Included in downloads that are available on the ISG web site are a number of source code examples to help programmers get started.

Available downloads include:

  1. Compiled and installable GUI. (IsgU3VGui.exe)
  2. Source code examples from the ISG GUI indicating how to access camera parameters. (
  3. The ISG dll Header file which describes the API, and an API description document (ISG_USB3_Interface_Guide_ISG_U3V_API.pdf).
  4. Instructions on how to locate the Header file can be found in: ISG_USB3_Interface_Guide_ISG_U3V_API.pdf