Powering the Camera

The power consumption specification is: 5 V via USB 3.0 interface, maximum 900mA.

The USB 3.0 Micro-B connector provides a power connection between the camera and the host computer; a USB3 compliant host port should be used. Caution must be used with USB2 ports or hubs which do not provide the specified 900mA current (USB2 only provides 500 mA per port).

In some cases the host pc, especially laptops, may not provide enough power even through the USB3 port.
Symptoms of insufficient power generally include either the camera not showing up in the device manager of the host pc or any intermittent camera behavior. In most instances the CMV12000 will need additional power. 

If you experience the insufficient power issue, there are a few options to choose from to sufficiently power the camera.

For further information on the solutions listed below, please visit the accessories section of ISG’s website (http://www.isgcameras.com/).

  1. Powered USB3 Hub (hubs listed on our website have been tested by ISG).
  2. External 6V power via external IO connector (see diagram below).
  3. USB3 Y-Cable, which sums power from multiple USB ports

Allegro External IO Connector